Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Still Anglican, just cast adrift!

Since the New Year's (nuptial mass) at the Cathedral in Cambridge Mass, I have been totally and thoroughly cast adrift. The Church of my youth is no more! Oh, I know there are still signs about the country that read 'St. So and So Episcopal Church', but the Church in which I was raised and catechized ceased to exist with the actions of bishop Tom Shaw and the tacit concurrence of the presiding bishopess of the Episcopal Cafe in solemnizing the so-called marriage rite between two lesbian staff members, one cathedral staff and the other dean of seminary.

My heart is breaking, I have been unable so far to make satisfactory contact with the Anglican Church of North America or the Anglican Mission in America or any other entity of Anglicanism for the past two plus years. My ordaining authority has ceased to exist, my former diocese has ceased to exist, I cannot find anyone to assume oversight of the ministries we have in place...so guess they close down also.

I may just have to return to the Church of God, Cleveland TN and beg for reinstatement of ordination there to validate my ministry.

Pray for us, for our ministry with the State Department of the Military, for our plans and calling to establish a Christian retreat center in the Black Hills.

Friends, I am lost!

In His Name,
Fr Chip, CoJ

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