Friday, January 07, 2011

Still on Sabbatical, ad infinitum!

As of New Year's Day, 2011, a day which will live in infamy, I have prayerfully decided that it is time for me to cut the ties that bind me to the Church of my birth.

Tom Shaw's steadfast (dis)obedience, supported by his boss Kate, in the 'strong suggestions' of the Anglican leadershop, world-wide, has prompted this.

Strangely, I am at peace in my soul for the first time in several years.

I await the final answer from Daryl Fenton and Bishop Duncan of the Anglican Church in North America, and will abide with their decision. I fret no more...if I am to maintain a priestly role, or be a good pew-mouse, I can do either with out regret.
It only remains to be seen just where that pew-mouse will find a hole.

Our ministries, in place, will be adjusted or dissolved accordingly.

Pray for the Church of God, that she may overcome the cares and disorders of this present world.

My present readings...over and over and over... are from Jean-Claude de Cassaunt's epic little monograph from the early 1700's on living totally in the present, and the abandonment of one's self to the will of God for the moment.

It is taking time, but I am confident that His will will be done in the world, and the Church.

We can only pray thus.

In His Name,
Fr. Chip

pace e bene

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Rev. Kevin Vogts said...

I would urge you to investigate my church body, The Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod. The LCMS is an orthodox body of about 2.5 million members, separate from the more liberal Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. We are currently engaged in theological discussions with conservative Anglican bodies and finding a great deal of agreement. I believe you could find a supportive and theologically compatible home in the LCMS. Please email me at