Thursday, March 24, 2011

Like a bad penny, I have returned!

With no apologies, I have returned to the Episcopal Organization, to do what ever I can be allowed, to serve our small faith community at St. Luke's, Hot Springs. The Diocese of South Dakota still has me licensed as: preacher, evangelist, and lay Eucharistic visitor, so I will do just that. In Irish-speak, ''tis better the divil ye know, than one ye don't', and I do know the Protestant Episcopal Church, after all, I was born into it over 70 years ago, and I was called and trained at St. Luke's, Hot Springs, just not ordained by Creighton Robertson; and, after all, the efficacy of the Mass is in the Mass and Elements, not the overarching structure, nor the personnel involved.

Whatever the good Lord has for me to do, I will do here, since it is here that I am, and here I will stay, until He leads me otherwise.

There are some who have been hurt by my inconsistent actions over the past few years, and I apologise for that; but I will practice my religion as, and where I am permitted, in the Episcopal Organization or out, since I am still the contract relief Chaplain to the SD State Veteran's Home, serve the VA Medical Center here on occasion, and serve on a Methodist district as a supply preacher.

Pray for us, as we try to live a traditional and orthodox Anglican experience in a hostile environment.

'til He comes,


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