Thursday, December 10, 2009

Still fighting the good fight!

No, we are not gone...just "computer access challenged".

Plus, we were advised to "quit" the blog in order to re-establish good relations with the Episcopal community in our town, and to soothe the ruffled feathers of our former episcopal authority.

I have prayed much, and decided that even if I am not allowed 'back in', I will continue to state my feelings and beliefs about the state of TEO and the greater Anglican Communion.

That said...more later as I get my act back in gear.

In the meantime, welcome back Fr. Tim, at the Northern Plains Anglican blog.

In His Name,
Chip+ SF


Anonymous said...

I have been very interested in your most recent comments on SF. So, to facilitate ordering more Anglican Rosaries (Prayer Beads) or whichever is the proper designation, I clicked on your blog site. I has brought me more or less up-to-date with what is going on in your region. So sad! I heartily commend you for your courage and faithfulness to our Lord and want to say “Yay and Amen” in every way possible at such a distance.

I have some questions in response to what you mentioned here and in regard to the Anglican Rosary.

I am going to be getting in touch with you today via e-mail...hope it goes through.

Merlena Cushing said...

Oops! It is Merlena Cushing, Fr. Chip. I just don't know how to work the comment thingamabob.