Thursday, April 15, 2010

We Are BACK !!

After following the [mis]advice of some, we ceased our postings, removed some questionable(?) material from our blog, and generally pulled into a hole, seeking a way to heal our relationships at a local community level.

Well, no more.

I am an Anglican Anglo-Catholic, and proud of it, regardless of what others may say, and, I have serious doubts about the status of some. We do plan to jump-start our plans for the Southern Black Hills, with the help and support of some good friends in ministry who have requested a liturgical presence in their town, besides the Roman Church, and begin a multi-pronged assault on service provision for the less fortunate, as well as, services for the faithful, from the real Book of Common Prayer.

Pray for us, following the events of the past several weeks on the part of the Global Anglican Community, and the foolishness of General Convnetion of TEo in failing to listen to the greater Anglican Community, we almost severed ties in protest of the seeming apostacy; but realized that this would spite the efficacy of the sacrifice of the Atonement by Christ, and the validity of His Eucharistic feast in our lives for our healng and sustenance.

We pray, in particular, for those attending the Global South conference this week, that God's will be accomplished in all of our lives.

More to follow.

In His Name, de Colores,

Fr. Chip.

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