Monday, June 15, 2009

New Ministry Opportunity

We have been contracted by the South Dakota Department of Military and Veteran's Affairs and by the Michael J. Fitzmaurice South Dakota State Veterans Home to serve as a 'relief Chaplain', filling in for the regular Chaplain, serving both as occasional protestant minister for the weekly wervice, and as an on-call person for crises within the facility when weather or personal conflicts occur. . Since the staff Chaplain lives in Rapid City, there are many instances when 'stat' services are required.

We are pleased to have been asked to serve, particularly since we had applied for the position several years ago when an old friend from the Church of God in Colorado, from years ago, Richard Bershon, retired and recommended us as his replacement.

It has been hard to accept 'retirement' after we had to close our mission last year, and this has given a spark of hope for continued ministry. We have returned to St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Hot Springs, in order to receive the Mass in community and fulfil our Franciscan obligation; but cannot serve there in any ordained capacity.

In addition, our Franciscan/Benedictine Order, the Company of Jesus, has undergone some severe changes over the past year, and I am now a 'solitary Franciscan'.

Pray for us, for our retreat center (still in planning stages), our Franciscan walk, and for this new ministry.

Fr. Chip

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