Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Viable Alternative to E.F.M.

We have just completed the first ever on-line term of Foundations of Discernment for Christian Ministry, and I heartily recommend the program to any interested Anglican folk who:

† 1. do not want the extremely liberal bias present in the Education For Ministry program of the Episcopal Church; or,

† 2. cannot easily afford the increasingly high costs of EFM.

FDCM, beginning its third 'on-site' term in September, is being planned on-site at several locations across America, with a 2008 term, "Theology", is starting in September; while the initial on-line module, for the 2007 term, had students from across America and England for a very engaging course in the History of the Christian Church, using texts this past term by Gonzalez and Fairfield, but will concentrate on Gonzalez in future history terms.

The on-line module was mentored by the Rev. Kathryn Jeffrey, who may be contacted at kgjeffrey@msn dot com for further information on the class content, registration and enrolment.

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