Friday, June 29, 2007

Another One Bites the Dust

One of my favorite blog authors has parked his mouse. Fr. Alvin Kimel, late of Pontifications, has after prayer, decided to give up his rightful place as one of the best theological blogs in the blogsphere.

Fr. Al kept us up to date on his journey home, after the General Convention 2003, and the consents for and installation of VGR in the Diocese of New Hampshire, as he prayed through and made a full trip, one way, across the Tiber.

His heartbreak was palpable as one read his postings, including this quote in his fairwell blog entry:
“Are you in pain, Frodo?”

“Well, yes I am,” said Frodo. “It is my shoulder. The wound aches, and the memory of darkness is heavy on me. It was a year ago today.”

“Alas! There are some wounds that cannot be wholly cured,” said Gandalf.

but then, interspersed with the hurt and sorrow, were some of the most clear and deep theological expositions I have ever read.

Fr. Al, we will miss you, but we earnestly pray that you will find peace and comfort for your self and your family as you continue your journey. Our memories will remain, our prayers are your, our hearts are breaking as well.

Go in peace, Brother Kimel, in the power of His resurrection Glory, to love and serve the Lord. We shall truly miss the Pontificator.

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