Tuesday, November 11, 2008

And on we go!

Since June, we have visited several different congregations, ECLA, LCMS, Weslyan, and Episcopal; as well as served as supply for a small (very small) UMC congregation out on the prairie.

We have been invited to read, but nothing else at TEO.

We are praying seriously about the situation on the Pine Ridge Mission which has been reported by Stand Firm and the Northern Plains Anglican...the gist of which is that the TEO bishop here in South Dakota has decided to close nine reservation missions. The tribes own the land, and if we can help, we will, most definitely!

Pray for us, and them...especially since some on the Pine Ridge and Rosebud have been out of home for a week and will likely be out another week before power is restored following Wednesday's freak blizzard.


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