Monday, March 27, 2006

Wisdom from the past

Borrowed from a friend, Fr. Gene Packwood, of St. Barnabas Anglican Parish, Medicine Hat, Alberta --

"Something for a spring day from William Temple, Archbishop of Canterbury from 1942-1944, from the opening sermon to the Lambeth Conference:

While we deliberate, He reigns;
When we decide wisely, He reigns;
When we decide foolishly, He reigns;
When we serve Him in humble loyalty, He reigns;
When we serve Him self assertively, He reigns;
When we rebel and seek to withhold our service, He reigns
- the Alpha and the Omega which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty. Amen."

What a powerful idea, He reigns!

Of course, this is NOT NEWS.

We know it, we have known it for ages; but, isn't it great to be reminded from time to time, "He reigns!"

He reigns in every area of our lives, personal, professional, and liturgical.
He reigns!

He reigns in our private and personal prayer, in home Bible study, in mission meetings, in parish vestries, in diocesan council, in synodial conventions, in provincial convocations, He reigns!

Whether or not we want Him to, He reigns!
When it is convenient for us, He reigns; if it works against our own pet desires, He reigns!

When we truly seek Him in our lives, He reigns!
When we are on the run from Him, He reigns!

Child of God or child of satan, He reigns!
So give it up, let Him reign supreme in you!

Pax Christi †

Br Chip+, cj

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