Saturday, February 04, 2006

Welcome to The South Dakota Anglican

We serve in the southern Black Hills of South Dakota to restore a 're-emergent' traditional Anglican presence, with a 'twist', among the disenfranchised Episcopal, Anglican, Catholic, and Lutheran peoples of South Dakota, who are interested in a return to the old liturgy, with a serious thrust of biblical preaching..

As ordained clergy in the Anglican Province of Christ the Good Shepherd, and the Diocese of St. Paul the Apostle, and as a professed Third Order Franciscan, of the Company of Jesus, we are committed to the simple life, serving those who are hurting in any way, working in the hospitals and jail, and with the truly disenfranchised and homeless, to bring them spiritual and physical comfort in this life by clothing and feeding them, and a hope for the future by 'preaching as Francis preached...sometimes using words'.

The Anglican Mission to South Dakota seeks no more than "to reach and to teach in the Name of Jesus Christ" through the use the 1928 Book of Common Prayer, the 1979 Prayer Book, either rite, or the Anglican Service Book. Scripture may be the Authorized (King James) Version, the New King James, the Revised Standard or the New Revised Standard.

We presently operate 'house-churches' in several communities in western South Dakota, but are comitted to receiving congregations into fellowship as missions or parishes, and re-opening or otherwise providing sacramental coverage for congregations closed and abandoned by their ecclesial authority from the Nebraska panhandle into North Dakota.

All real and personal properties of each mission or congregation is held by that mission, none devolves to any higher authority, and all clergy in the Province are 'non-stipendary', which simply means, we support our selves by our outside labors, and all offerings and receipts are used for the support of the mission of Christ.

We are tithers; ten percent of individual family income goes to the congregation for mission and operating expenses; and of that, ten percent of the tithe goes to the diocesan office in Dallas for travel and mission expenses, leaving each congregation ninety percent of their collections to be use for the spread of the Gospel in each locale.

We are also strongly mission oriented. Each mission or congregation is encouraged to be proactive in their own greater community, and for each member to have a lay apostolate in the Name of Jesus, to truly reach and to mediate the needs of our neighbors (Mt 22.37-40) as we pattern our lives after St. Francis of Assisi.

We welcome any inquiries, referals, or comments, as we seek to serve our Lord, Jesus Christ.

News articles are solicited, please, no copywrited material without the author's permission.

Pax Christi †,
Charles Johnson+, cj

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